Our Vision

One third of the world’s food is wasted. In particular, mostly perishable goods such as fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products, because fresh and safe storage and transport conditions are a major challenge. The temperature is a key factor.

Depending on the conditions under which the product is stored and transported, this has a considerable influence on shelf life. The currently used “best before”-date does not provide any information here, but often leads to an early disposal of edible and safe food.

Our vision is the “Fresh Index” – a real-time shelf life indicator to optimize the supply of food economically and ecologically.


Team tsenso

Dr. Matthias Brunner

Founder and CEO

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Rahul Tomar

Co-Founder, CPO

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Octavio Glorio

Software Development

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Prof. Dr. Christian Fleck

Lead R&D

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The Company

The company named “Logistics Matthias Brunner” was founded in 2014 in Stuttgart. As “Urban Logistics”, we successfully worked on various software projects, always with the aim of optimizing the logistics especially on the last mile. Our goal is to provide solutions that are easy, efficient and environmentally friendly.

With tsenso, we were able to convince the selection committees of two well-known funding programs: In 2015, we were part of the FInish Accelerator, funded by the European Commission. In 2016, METRO and techstars supported us during our participation at the METRO Accelerator.

Since autumn 2016 we are operating as tsenso GmbH.

Founder Matthias Brunner and his experienced team are supported by food safety research experts and software developers.

Our partnerships

abstracture GmbH

abstracture GmbH is specialized in the development of complex, security-relevant software. The clients include renowned German banks.

Dr. Volker Schönharting is one of the managing directors and co-owners of abstracture GmbH & Co. KG IT Consulting. Since his studies of physics with subsequent doctorate at the Research Center for Particle Physics CERN, he is working on the solutions of complex and technically sophisticated software projects.

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University of Wageningen

To calculate the fresh index we have initiated a cooperation with Wageningen – University and Research Center in the Netherlands. The university is one of the leading centers for food safety and technology worldwide.

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University of Bonn

For years, PD Dr. Judith Kreyenschmidt and her team at the University of Bonn have been researching food safety to reduce the committees along the cold chain. With their results they support decisively the development of the Fresh Index.

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