The Fresh Index: A Real-Time Shelf Life Indicator

The Fresh Index is the new “expiry” date for food in place of the static best before date.

It is not printed but can be read out via an app and displayed digitally, e.g. on digital price tags and in online grocery stores. This keeps it dynamic: As long as the product is temperature-monitored, the index is updated automatically.


tsenso Frische-Index

Frische-Index Skala

The Index

The fresh index indicates how fresh the product is. The higher the number, the fresher the food is, and the longer is its shelf life.


Scan the fresh index

The True Freshness of Food

The freshness data of the product is stored in the tsenso cloud and can be retrieved at any time. Along the food supply chain, this means that on arrival it can be checked immediately in what condition the goods are. For this application we develop an app.

Fresh Index in Online Shop

Application in Online Shops

Especially in online food stores the proof of quality of perishable products is important. The Fresh Index increases transparency and strengthens customer confidence.

tsenso: Frau begutachtet Joghurt

Application in Stationary Stores

For retailers and their customers, the Fresh Index offers the advantage of being able to read the actual shelf life of products.

The “first expired, first out” principle is optimized: what is going to really expire first is sold first.

Particularly fresh products can be promoted via the Fresh Index. And food which should be consumed soon can be easily identified and saved, e.g. with special offers.


Frische-Index im Kühlschrank

Application in Refrigerators

We all know this case: sometimes we find an old, expired product in the refrigerator and are not sure – can I still eat it? The answer is usually: yes. But often this is not visible and we rarely rely on our eyes and nose. Who wants to take a risk?

In the long term, we at tsenso want to bring the Fresh Index to the refrigerators at home. By app or the smart fridge the index will then show the true freshness and safety of food.


The Fresh Index is a development project of tsenso GmbH.

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