tsenso FreshIndex

tsenso FreshIndex

The FreshIndex: The true Freshness of Food and a Dynamic Expiry Date 

The FreshIndex system is a cloud solution for the management of temperature and freshness data along food supply chain. It’s objective is an economic and ecologic optimization of the food supply in general. Lebensmittellieferkette. Ziel ist, die Versorgung mit Lebensmitteln ökonomisch und ökologisch zu optimieren.

Based on real storage and cooling conditions as well as manufacturer hygiene data, the system determines a dynamic shelf life (DHD) in real time and can thus indicate the actual freshness and real shelf life of perishable foods. It is not printed but can be read out via an app and displayed digitally, e.g. on digital price tags and in online grocery stores. This keeps it dynamic: As long as the product is temperature-monitored, the DHD is updated automatically.

Best-before-date vs. dynamic expiry date

The best-beforedate is defined by the manufacturer according to the law and printed on the label of the product packaging. The manufacturer guarantees that the food retains its specific properties up to the best-before-date when properly stored.
The best-before-date and the freshness of the product are related in a limited way, as it does not respect the actual parameters relevant for shelf life. Products can spoil even before the best-before-date in case of incorrect storage, but can also be edible days to months after that date . 

The DHD should not replace the best-before-date, but serve as a supplement and make actual product freshness transparent.



Frische-Index Skala

How does the FreshIndex system work?

The FreshIndex Cloud receives permanently logistics-, temperature- and other quality-related data from each point of the supply chain – from the producer to the store. By matching the results with laboratory measurements and innovative food scanners the FreshIndex Cloud calculates with high accuracy:

  1. the DYNAMIC EXPIRY DATE (DHD)Until this date the product offers best freshness and hygiene.
  2. the DYNAMIC SPOILAGE LIMIT (DVL)After this date the product should not be consumed anymore.

Frische-Index Skala

FreshIndex field trial in METRO Stores

August / September 2019 – Test focus: pork meat

The new dynamic shelf life was tested for the first time in selected Metro stores in August and September. At the information stand in the meat department, customers had the opportunity to experience the actual freshness with a smartphone provided. In addition, customers could experience how shelf life changes according to personal storage conditions by specifying personal transport and fridge temperature at home. For the first time, the customer could compare the actual shelf life with the static MHD and develop a sense of how big the impact of their own cooling temperatures on the shelf life of products is.



Korntal 05.08.2019 – 09.08.2019
St.Augustin 12.08.2019 – 16.08.2019
Mainz-Kastel 21.08.2019 – 22.08.2019
Düsseldorf 26.08.2019 – 30.08.2019
Berlin – Friedrichshain 02.09.2019 – 06.09.2019
09.09.2019 – 11.09.2019

FreshIndex APP

FreshIndex App

By scanning the code on the product, the app will provide the customer with information regarding

  • actual freshness
  • number of days until reaching the dynamic expiry date (DHD)
  • dynamic expiry date and dynamic spoilage limit
  • how the dynamic expiry date and spoilage limit change if you adapt your personal transport and fridge temperatures via the sliders
  • details on the product, the producer, sustainability and food safety

The FreshIndex is a research project by tsenso, University of Bonn, arconsis, Metro, GS1, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and bwcon. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the “SME-NetC” support measure and receives around 1 million euros (funding code 03VNE2107B).


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Our partnerships

Metro AG
Metro is a leading international specialist for wholesale and food trade. Metro significantly supports tsenso during the project in order to increase the transparency and security in the supply chain. This is done by providing the hygiene data of the manufacturers and the actual storage conditions measured. This will make an important contribution to the reduction of food waste.

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GS1 Germany accompanies the development and implementation of open, cross-industry, globally valid standards. Within the framework of the project, GS1 Germany will examine, among other things, the degree to which a dynamic shelf-life criterion can be mapped in the globally existing GS1 portfolio and prepare necessary extensions of the standard for possible release if necessary.

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bwcon e.v. – As the leading economic initiative for the promotion of the high-tech location Baden Württemberg, Bwcon has been pursuing the goal of promoting the technologies and markets crucial to business and society for more than 20 years. In this way, Bwcon creates an unique platform for collaboration between developers, users and investors in different industries. Bwcon will accompany the FreshIndex project on an administrative level.
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Strategic partner for innovative mobile business solutions and IT services in the areas of
Adaptive Enterprise and Mobile Enterprise.

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Uni Bonn
University of Bonn – The team of PD Dr. Judith Kreyenschmidt (University of Bonn) has been researching for years in the area of food safety in order to reduce the committees along the supply chain. With this results the development of the FreshIndex is supported significantly.

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Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
The research group for Business and Consumer Informatics by Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stevens at H-BRS is characterized by the fact that it considers environmental and consumer informatics from a Praxeologischen perspective.

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