Food-safe up to 105°C

The BET sensors are suited for transport of hot food, e.g. catering, and for food distribution… »

tsenso BET-101 is a wireless sensor with memory function (data logger). Its benefits are especially the food-safe and robust case as well as the easy data transfer.
The data logger has an internal memory, where temperature data is stored reliably. By using a gateway or a Bluetooth-capable device, you can read out the temperature data automatically. This works within the reach of several meters. You get rid of manual and time-consuming handling.

The temperature data is transmitted to the cloud via the gateway or the Bluetooth-capable device (e.g. smartphone).


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Use cases:
Catering, food distribution (buffet)

Manual (incl. technical specification):
Bedienungsanleitung deutsch (PDF, ca. 150kB)

tsenso App (Android) for Bluetooth-capable devices Bluetooth 4.0 (Google Play link)

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