Low-cost logger

If years of battery life and mechanical robustness are not of key concern for your application, our low-cost sensor LST-201 might be a great choice.

Offering a battery life of up to one year, a +/- 0,3 °C temperature accuracy, customizable PCB design and a very fault tolerant implementation of the data access, the LST-201 can even be used in a consumer setting. The settings for measurement recording have been limited to save costs to match the most common scenarios with a logging interval of 10 min – 6 hours and a total logging time span of 1 to 30 days.

The temperature data is transmitted to the cloud via the gateway or the Bluetooth-capable device (e.g. smartphone). Optionally a stationary hardware Bluetooth gateway can be used.

The sensor includes Bluetooth gateway app and access to our temperature monitoring backend.

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Use cases:
Storage, logistics, shipping of food

Manual (incl. technical specification):
Bedienungsanleitung deutsch (PDF, ca. 150kB)

tsenso App (Android) for Bluetooth-capable devices Bluetooth 4.0 (Google Play link)

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