Most foods have a longer shelf life than we think

And with tsenso, you will learn how long this shelf life exactly is – depending on the temperatures at which the product was stored and transported along the entire supply chain.

We call it the “Fresh Index”, the new real-time shelf life indicator for food.

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Lückenlose Temperatur-Überwachung

Gapless temperature monitoring
from farm to fork

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Real-time shelf life indicator of products in stationary and online-based grocery stores

tsenso - Kostengünstige Lösung

Reduction of food waste
along the entire food supply chain

The idea is becoming real

Since CEO Matthias introduced the Fresh Index project to 300 investors and experts (see video), an exciting journey has started.
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Our three steps to provide the Fresh Index

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Gapless Temperature Monitoring

With the tsenso cloud, all temperature data along the supply chain are linked centrally.

This creates a complete temperature history of the products – from the producer to the distribution and in long term also to refrigerators at home.


More about the cloud



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Strong Partnerships

We develop the fresh index in collaboration with specialists:

We have initiated cooperations with researching universities and  experienced software experts. For field tests, we reach out to commerce and logistics businesses.

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More about the team

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Calculation of the Fresh Index

With the help of the Fresh Index, you can always assess whether a food is safe and suitable for sale and consumption.

In online grocery stores, it offers a quick overview of the freshness of perishable products.


More about the Fresh Index



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